Our Program

The Athletes Recovery Program is a private, confidential program designed specifically to meet the needs of professional and collegiate athletes – both active and retired. We work tirelessly to provide each athlete we treat with an individualized, rigorous therapy program based upon the client-specific needs obtained from our initial intake assessment. Our therapeutic approaches are rooted in the principles of recovery with an added emphasis upon spiritual, emotional, and personal growth designed to transform the lives of the athletes we treat as they embark upon their journey toward recovery. We understand that a culturally-competent, compassionate, and experienced treatment team is critical for a rehabilitation program to best meet the needs of the clients we serve. Upon successful completion of our intensive rehabilitation program, our athletes will know that their lives have been successfully transformed and that they have mastered the tools needed to continue along the pathway to total recovery.

Our treatment philosophy is based upon the recognition that each athlete who comes to us is a unique person who has an exceptional personal history. We tailor our treatment approaches to each athlete to ensure the most effective approaches and best opportunity for recovery. We have created services for our clients based upon the mental and physical regimens our athletes are inherently familiar with; treatment places a strong emphasis upon strength and accountability of team. Athletes Recovery offers a full medical detoxification program, an inpatient treatment program, partial hospitalization programming, intensive outpatient therapy and comprehensive follow up and accountability. Each program is designed to meet our athletes at the level of care they need to recover from a wide variety of mental health and substance abuse issues. Our treatment approaches incorporate a number of different evidenced-based treatment modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and 12-step programming. Through individual therapy, group sessions, family involvement, physical therapy, education, team involvement and a wide array of therapeutic activities, our clients can start their journey to recovery and begin, once again, to take control of their lives.