Steroid Abuse & Addiction Treatment


Steroids, a type of performance-enhancing drug, are a group of compounds derived from testosterone or produced synthetically to stimulate tissue repair and body growth. While most athletes are completely aware of the dangerous consequences associated with using steroids, they still use them for a number of different reasons. Both professional and collegiate athletes feel an intense pressure from society, other teammates, coaches, and fans to perform to the best of their ability. With high expectations to win, these athletes often turn to steroids to beat the competition. They believe that steroids will provide them with the quickest way to reach an increase in performance. When used, these drugs may help athletes reach short term goals by building muscle, delaying fatigue, increasing speed, or aiding with weight management. However, the temporary boost in performance is not worth the risk. Current athletes run the extreme risk of prematurely ending their career when their sports league discovers that they are using illegal performance enhancers and they get kicked off the team. On the other hand, retired athletes are often left dealing with the long-term consequences of steroids abuse.

Athletes Recovery is a program that has been specifically designed to treat the mental health and substance abuse needs of athletes, both current and retired. We are dedicated to providing athletes with a treatment approach that can meet the unique needs of professional and collegiate athletes. The treatment we provide for our patients is rooted in the principles of recovery by placing extra emphasis upon spiritual, emotional, and personal growth. We are determined to do all we can to transform the lives of those we treat as they begin their journey toward recovery.


Why Seek Treatment at Athletes Recovery?

If you are currently injecting steroids as a means to boost your appearance and overall athletic performance then you have most likely noticed a few immediate side effects. As a man, you may develop acne, experience testicular atrophy, have a decreased sperm count, develop gynecomastia, and have high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Women, on the other hand, may start to develop male characteristics such as male pattern balding, deepening of voice, and growth of facial or body hair. In addition to all of these physical problems, both males and females will experience increased aggressiveness, antisocial behaviors, and develop violent tendencies. This emotional instability may have led to the loss of important relationships and even caused legal problems.

With continued steroid abuse, the symptoms will only get worse over time. This is especially true for retired athletes who may have abused steroids throughout their whole sports career and are now left to struggle with the long term effects, even if they are no longer using. With long term steroid abuse individuals have a greater risk for liver failure, cardiovascular problems, stunted growth, neurological issues, and ligament and joint issues. In addition to many physical health problems, years of emotional instability, and the resulting consequences, such as broken marriages or isolation from loved ones, many retired athletes may have developed depression or other mental health disorders. If you are abusing performance enhancing drugs, the sooner you get treatment the better your outcome will be. It may even help to prevent the development of some serious long-term consequences if treated early enough.

Due to the extreme desire to outperform their competition, many athletes will continue to use steroids despite all of the negative effects that they are experiencing. A inpatient treatment program that specializes in working with athletes can be an effective option for helping individuals to overcome their dependence on steroids. In addition to a number of different therapeutic approaches, an inpatient program provides athletes with the ability to step back from their hectic life and take the time to focus completely on their recovery process.

Program Philosophy and Benefits

Athletes Recovery is a program specifically designed to meet the needs of current and retired athletes who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues in a private, confidential environment. Our culturally-competent and experienced treatment staff works hard to provide each athlete we treat with an individualized, client-centered plan of care that is delivered in a compassionate manner. The treatment methods we use at Athletes Recovery place an emphasis on strength and accountability of team. Additionally, our services are based upon the mental and physical regimes our athletes are inherently familiar with. We want each patient to leave our program knowing that he or she had the best experience imaginable.

If you feel that you are in crisis, or are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Treatment Options at Athletes Recovery

Upon arrival at Athletes Recovery, each patient will be greeted by one of our intake specialists who will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the patient’s presenting concerns. Once the assessment is complete, all of the information will be used to develop a treatment plan that will lay out the path toward your recovery. We will make sure to include you in this process by taking into account any concerns you may have and answering all of your questions. Your personalized treatment plan may include some of the following therapeutic approaches:

Individual therapy will provide you with one-on-one time with a licensed therapist who will be able to help you work through the emotions surrounding your decision to use steroids and address the resulting consequences. Additionally, you will be able to explore the unique difficulties faced by athletes and work on ways to cope without these drugs.

Group therapy can be extremely beneficial because it will provide you with the opportunity to work with other athletes who understand the challenges you may be facing. Through working together as a team, you can learn better coping mechanisms, stress and anger management, and learn about how steroids affect individuals.

Family therapy is a very important part of the treatment process as athletes who have been using steroids have most likely been experiencing a number of mood swings and episodes of “roid rage,” which can put a strain on everyone invovled. Family therapy can help open lines of communication and allow everyone to freely express their emotions, allowing for the family to heal together.

In addition to traditional therapy, Athletes Recovery is proud to offer a number of additional treatment approaches designed for our athletes. These may include:

  • Exercise and weights
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Physical therapy
  • Educational therapy
  • A.A. and N.A.
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy

Continuing Care

When you have come to the end of your treatment program you will work closely with your treatment team to develop a plan for continued care that will ensure that you continue to work on your recovery. Some of our athletes find that they would do best in a sober living facility. Others may feel that they have made enough progress to continue treatment in a somewhat structured environment and join either a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP). Both PHP and IOP programs allow our athletes the opportunity to work on their therapy during the day while slowly reintegrating back into their community in the evenings. Finally, others may discharge home with a sober coach, referrals to traditional outpatient therapy, and references for community resources. Whatever you determine is the next best step for you, Athletes Recovery will be there to support you.